The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program - Get Educated & Get Rewarded

Coaches, referees and PE teachers who view the entire 25 minute video program, take both pre- and post-tests and who provide demographic information at the end of the program have the opportunity to receive reward items for completing the program. Reward items are mailed directly to coaches by 'official member' states. To see if your state is an 'official' member, please check the list of links below:

Official Participating States

Reward items coaches may receive are:

  • A high quality coach's clipboard with specific urgent and 911 steps of 'what to do during an asthma attack' printed on the back.
  • A booklet written especially for coaches that expands on the information presented in the program
  • A laminated 'panic card' for the first aid box listing specific urgent and 911 steps of 'what to do during an asthma attack'
  • A personalized 'certificate of completion'
  • Air quality information, information about local asthma coalitions or initiatives and other opportunities to learn about asthma

Remember to complete the demographic mailing information, and select "yes, I want a Coach's Clipboard" at the end of the program.

If your state or local asthma organization is not an 'official' member of the Coach's Clipboard Program, you can still receive a certificate of completion and the coaches booklet via e-mail. Just complete the program and demographic as directed at the end of the program and make sure your email address is correct. You should receive your e-mailed items within a few weeks of completion.