The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program - About This Program

This Program has been developed through a collaborative effort between the Minnesota Department of Health Asthma Program (MDH) and the Utah Department of Health Asthma Program (UDOH). The MDH and UDOH asthma programs wrote, filmed, narrated and support the Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program (CACP). Neither MDH nor UDOH receives funding to maintain the program and there is no fee for individual organizations to become 'official' members.

This program was created so coaches, referees and PE teachers could learn about asthma, how it affects an athlete's ability to compete, and how a coach can help athletes manage their symptoms while playing their very best. No child should be excluded from playing simply because they have asthma.

Program content developed and written by:

Susan K. Ross, RN, AE-C (MDH) and Libbey M. Chuy (UDOH)

Web Development by Minneapolis College of Art + Design students:

Matthew Hayes / Technical Advisor
Steve Carlson / Interface Designer
Ashley Siebels / Film, Sound & Animation Coordinator

Minnesota Department of Health Asthma Program

85 E. Seventh Place, Suite 400
PO Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Phone: 1-877-925-4189 or 651-201-5909

Utah Department of Health Asthma Program

PO Box 142106
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2106
Phone: 801-538-6141

Program development funded through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grants to Minnesota and Utah asthma programs and Minnesota STEPS to a Healthier US grant from the CDC.

System Requirements

This program uses HTML5 to deliver high quality, multi-media content. Below is a list of system requirements and recommendations for viewing The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program "Winning With Asthma". We recommend viewing the program in the most recent version of an HTML5 capable browser. The program is backwards-compatible and can be viewed in the following browsers:

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If you are having difficulty viewing the program:

  • Optimal viewing of the Coach's program is through the most recent updated browsers that support HTML5. To upgrade your browser, please visit the appropriate link below.
  • HTML5 video and audio support varies between browsers. If your browser does not support mp4 video/mp3 audio, Adobe Flash Player 9 or Microsoft Silverlight plugins will allow you to view the audio and visual portions of Winning With Asthma. You can download the plugins using the links below:
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  • To enable Javascript:

    Internet Explorer
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  • DSL, Cable, or other broadband/highspeed internet connection.
    The program will work over dial-up modems, but expect delays while media (video, audio, animation, pictures) downloads.
  • The white dots along the bottom of the Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program window represent chapters within the program.

  • The big dot shows which chapter is currently active or playing.

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  • Use the "PLAY"/"PAUSE" button to stop and restart the program.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

The sound stopped playing, and the program won't progress by itself anymore.
  • Try hitting the "PAUSE" button and then the "PLAY" button to restart the program.
I can't take the post-test (chapter 17) or provide my mailing information so that I can receive my Coach's Asthma Clipboard (chapter 19).
  • Every time you enter The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program, a new record is created for your visit. Therefore, you must complete the pre-test before completing the post-test, and you must complete both in order to enter your mailing information and receive your clipboard.
The program sometimes doesn't show text, or seems to be behaving strangely.